Friday, February 7, 2014

A Gift to Share

About two months ago,  I joined Arbonne as a way to bring in some extra income in hopes of staying home with sweet Annabelle. You might remember from this post about my jump in and this one about Arbonne's amazing nutritional detox! The deeper I get in the company, the more excited I am about the opportunity to stay home while sharing these amazing products with whomever I come across! The opportunity and the products have already begun to change my life and I see this as a sign of God's sure provision. So I just wanted to take minute and share with you about the products I have come to love! 

First off, all the products are 100% botanically based and toxin free! Before Arbonne, I didn't realize how much crap was hidden in all of our products! In fact, I thought it was good to have mineral oil in your products! I mean, minerals are good, right? Well I quickly learned that mineral oil is TERRIBLE for your skin! It is a by-product of petroleum (which has been refined 7 times!). It is so bad for the environment that the petroleum companies aren't even allowed to throw it away! It is against the law. But wait: they can sell it to cosmetic/health companies to put it in our face wash, make up, skincare, etc. as a filler? Doesn't that just seem mixed up? Not only that, but mineral oil and parabens (another toxin our products don't have) have been found in almost every type of cancer tissue! Gosh...the information continues to blow my mind as I write this blog. 

I just wanted to take a minute to share with you about some of our best products! 

This amazing anti-aging set is called RE9. The "RE" stands for "renew" because that is exactly what it does! It helps to metabolize the production of skin cells so that your skin repairs and refreshes much faster! The best part is that it is loaded with absorbable vitamin C (which makes it smell heavenly) and tons of antioxidants which give your skin a healthy glow and lift. I love the whole system which includes a face wash, witch hazel based toner, a cellular renewal serum (LOVE IT!), an eye cream, and a day and night cream. 

The set below is called the SeaSource Detox Spa. What is amazing about this line is that it naturally pulls out the toxins from your skin. Do you know anyone with severe skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, or just super dry skin? The SeaSource Re-mineralizing lotion has been proven to help cure those types of skin issues! How amazing is that? 

Anyway, Arbonne has just been such an amazing gift to my family, both in the products we get to use at an extremely discounted price and in the business opportunity it has provided for me and for my family. It has given me such motivation to stay home and such joy to know that I can do so without putting a great amount of financial burden on my wonderful and supportive husband. If you are interested in trying the products at a discount or hearing more about the great opportunity, please message me on Facebook or leave a response on this blog post. I would be more than happy to get you trying some of these (and many other!) products or share more info about all the success there is to be had in this company! (For another testament, check out this blog by my friend Jill over at You, Me, and Capri!).

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