Monday, July 1, 2013

IKEA: Love it or Hate it?

Last week, on the hottest day of the summer yet at 119 degrees, this pregnant lady crossed a long, hot parking lot and entered IKEA: a necessary evil. I entered that day thinking to myself, "I hate this store, but I'll just run in, get what I need, and peace out!" I left the store asking, "Why did I enjoy that? I thought I hated that store."

Well here's a few things I did differently. I didn't go on a Saturday or Sunday morning. I went on Friday in the early afternoon. It was relatively empty...for IKEA. Still lots of people but not full to the brim. I could take my time. I am trying to savor these moments where I get to meander through a store by myself or with Danny. I don't make myself rush; I have nowhere to be! For goodness sake, I am on summer break and I don't have a baby who's hungry or has a dirty diaper or needs a nap (yet). So I meandered and it was nice. It was also air conditioned. Super bonus. 119 degrees and a high powered AC, count me in! I also did not go through the showroom. I knew I didn't need furniture, so I just went straight into the Marketplace where you can get all the home goods, curtains, pillows, etc. I went in looking for containers for flour, sugar, and other baking goods, and a set of RIBBA frames for the living room. Even though I found both of those things very quickly, I couldn't help but window shop and see all the sweet little things I liked and might purchase.

So let us begin the window shopping:

 1. Akerkulla Cushion: This pillow would run you about $20, and we really don't have a place for it in our house, but I love it. I love the color scheme: a sage green with that mustardy yellow and rich red.

 2. Sockerart, or a pitcher style vase: I love these because they remind me of our wedding. While we didn't use these rustic style pitchers, they were one of the first things I saw that kind of set the tone for our wedding theme (more on that coming soon!). I think one of these full of wildflowers or fresh flowers from the farmer's market would be so beautiful on the dining room table, breakfast table, end table...heck, any table! I also love that they come in three sizes, obviously getting pricier as you get bigger. The smallest would run you $9.99 at 6", the middle would put you at $14.99 at 8 3/4", and the last is $19.99 at 12". If I could choose one, I would get the largest. And in my opinion a vase for $20 isn't bad. But alas, I didn't buy it.

 3. Kladsam Mobile: So this has a paper yellow bird in it, which I really don't like, but you could always take the bird out. And at $10, this orb is a much cheaper option than all the expensive orbs you  might see at Restoration Hardware. Granted those orbs usually have light fixtures in them...but if you are handy you might be able to install one.

 4. Snartig Vase: How sweet is this little vase? I just see a few of them on a window sill with one little flower in each, maybe a gerber daisy or something with a lot of pop. Also, this would cost you $.80. You could buy a million! Or...maybe 5.

5. Smycka Artificial Flower: This caught my eye because of the bright coral-orange color that is going in baby girl's room. Though I am not usually a fan of artificial flowers, I want her room to be feminine and I don't want to have to take care of flowers. This fake chrysanthemum seems like it might be a good in-between. At a buck a piece, it's not a bad deal for flowers that won't ever die! :)

So IKEA: a necessary evil that I maybe have come to love. Maybe.

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