Monday, June 24, 2013

Nursery Time!: Paint Color and Curtains

Before Danny and I were married, we started to paint our house. It was quite the experience to choose paint colors for a rather large house. Danny and I had a hard time deciding on the color for just about every room, but we somehow managed and got the whole house painted before we were married and I moved in. We haven't had to choose paint colors since, but this time around was much easier. That's because our trick is to go right to Restoration Hardware's paint selections. They have a limited color selection, but all of their colors are tried and true, great for warming a space. Then we get it color matched since their paint is a little pricey ($44/gallon). For the baby's room, I knew I wanted a soft gray (or is it grey?) so I went with a color called "Stone." I also bought a sample called "Graphite" but it was far too dark for a nursery. So with stone we went. This sneak peak at the curtain choice will show you the color we went with: stone.

On to the curtains! I knew I wanted to incorporate the coral color of my color scheme in the curtains, so I have been looking and hunting for curtains. I checked out some classic places like West Elm and Pottery Barn, and I even looked online for some color that I liked, but to no avail. I was trying to avoid Target. We had purchased curtains from Target before and were dissatisfied, plus their selection was somewhat limited and I wasn't hopeful. To my surprise, we had two options when I finally gave into going there: "ombre" on the left and "coral scallop"on the right. Since I had decided not to stencil one wall, I was leaning towards the more patterned curtain to add some depth to the room. I decided to buy one of each and hang them, just to see and to look for a few days. 

Ombre and Coral Scallop
The longer I looked, the more I liked the ombre. It brought in the coral, but it wasn't SO MUCH coral. It was just enough. The coral scallop curtain was just too much for me. It was too much of that pattern and too much coral: so much coral that it really looked more orange and casted an orange hugh on the room. I also love that the ombre style is softer. It reminds me of orange sorbet or an ocean sunset. I think the soft tones will be great in the nursery! 

Now just to paint the room...and buy the second Ombre curtain! :)

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