Monday, August 5, 2013

Week-by-Week {29-32}

Well, friends, third trimester is definitely happening. I am starting to feel rather large, but I am trying to stay positive! I went back to work, too, which should make the next 8 weeks go by pretty quickly! That's the hope at least! It has gotten a bit harder for me to exercise, partially due to returning to work and partially due to the fact that this belly of mine gets in the way. I am still trying to go for evening walks, despite the 100+ evening temperatures and doing other various exercises throughout the day. I am glad my job isn't sedentary, so I will still move.move.move. I plan to work all the way up until our sweet girl tells me she's ready to arrive, so I will be on the move until then. Tired, but on the move nonetheless.

Week 29 was pretty non-descript. We spent the weekend in Carlsbad with Danny's family and I was blessed to be seen by this doctor, Dr. Cobb. He is a chiropractor who also has a number of different medical degrees. He was able to adjust my back and it was awesome.

 We celebrated our anniversary during week 30. I also assumed at this point that I wasn't gestiationally diabetic, since no new is good news, and we really feasted. It was a pregnant lady's dream. One day I was really craving a bran muffin, so much so that I left the house for no other reason than to purchase a muffin. And let me tell was delicious!

On a walk on the same day 30 week photo was taken...would you think I was prego from the back?
Week 31 was a good one, but it was also when I started to feel like exercising was hard and 9 weeks was plenty to have left of the pregnancy!

 Not much to say about week 32. Back to school during this week and the general consensus among the faculty (who hasn't seen me for 8 weeks) was that I look awesome. I don't think it ever hurts to hear that when you are a pregnant lady!

Crazy to think I only have two more of these week-to-week updates...that is if the little one comes on time!

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