Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Deer in Headlights

The title of this post describes my first period 7th graders. Maybe it was the fact that I made them line up against a wall in silence before entering my classroom? I think that was probably it! Even though I went back to work last week, today was the first day with students. It's an exciting day, but also a day full of procedures and expectations. I have a few goals this year as a teacher: first, I want to be on time for every class. By on time I mean I want to have everything I need written on the board already written and I want the class to start smoothly. I think this will be manageable for first quarter while the little one is still nestled in my womb, but it might get a little crazier coming back from my maternity leave; second, I want to have very clear expectations for both my 7th and my 11th graders-this included me reading a number of sentences to each class which began with "I expect you to..."; last but not least, I have challenged myself to avoid Facebook at all costs while at work. This is a habit mostly for myself. I want to be in the habit of using my prep periods really well, especially for when I go back to work after maternity leave. We all know that a little pop onto Facebook for a quick look turns into a half hour or more...so bye-bye Facebook during the work day! I think it will be really good! Onto Wednesday...anyone else love this commercial? 

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  1. While I admire your determination not to Facebook during work, however else do you plan on chatting with me during your preps? I, for one, was intending to be your cyber podmate... ;)