Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm Alive.

Hello blogger friends! I just wanted to let you know I am alive!

I don't think I realized how much time work would take from my life. I had so gotten used to summer. Work has been really good, but it just doesn't allow time for blogging currently. I feel like I have to use every free moment to its fullest since I don't really know how much longer I will be working. I want to be as prepared as possible so that it can be a smooth transition for my students and for me. Even though I have two prep hours, they are packed full from the time I sit at my desk to the time the bell rings for the next class. Currently, I am at school, even though it is 6 pm, because we have Curriculum Night for the high school. I am then heading from Curriculum Night to our birth class. It's just go.go.go. And then I hit the bed and pass out, only to wake up to an alarm clock that sounds toooooooooo early. Coffee (one cup and one cup only, people), a quick breakfast, and I am out the door again. I really look forward to the weekends because I get to rest, but this weekend will be even better because Danny's family is hosting a baby shower! It is bound to be beautiful. His mom and sisters are just the craftiest and most loving bunch of girls I could ever ask to be related to by marriage. I seriously scored big time when it comes to in-laws. I also have plans to really clean the house, but we'll see if that happens...

Until the next time I remember to blog, blog friends. Know that I miss you!

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