Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cinco Favoritos {4}

I thought I would switch it up this week with Hallie's fave five link up! So here's my five favorite of late.

This documentary is made by Tom Shadyac, the director of some hilarious movies like Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor. At some point in his life, he suffered a serious injury and realized that all of his possessions did not bring him happiness. This is his attempt at figuring out what brings mankind true satisfaction. 


It's probably no shock to you that I watch pregnancy documentaries. I have seen most of the famous ones, but I had never heard of or watched this until we started our Bradley class. It is a really cool documentary that follows the develop of a child from shortly after conception to birth. Super awesome. It isn't on Netflix, so we had to watch it on YouTube. It wasn't terrible because there are about 10 ten minute clips that make it easy to watch smoothly. 


This documentary will make you very aware of the battle we are fighting in America. While we still have our freedoms and it is certainly a great place to live, we have to be on guard: it is our duty to protect the family and marriage. This makes you super aware of how the nuclear family is under severe attack from many different angles. It can be found here. Watch the first 20 minutes. (I'll admit, the end of the movie gets a little don't feel bad if you turn it off!)


My husband went through a small phase where he was obsessed with NOVA documentaries. The good news is we stumbled upon some really interesting ones! This might look really cheezy, but the monarch butterfly is super interesting and truly miraculous. You can find this one here.

Okay, okay. I only have four current faves. Anyone have recommendations for numero cinco?! 


  1. Hmmm, I usually end up watching food documentaries, like Food Inc.

    Don't know if that's up your alley.

  2. Have you seen Craigslist Joe? Or The Human Experience?