Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Five Favorites {3}

Linking up with Hallie for my favorite five! 
Even though getting hit in the crotch from the inside isn't fun, I love feeling the little one move. It can get a little distracting now that I am teaching. I totally understand why pregnant ladies always have their hand on their stomach. It is hard not to respond to your little baby when they push against you from the inside. Not to mention...where else do you put your hands? 

This guy!

I mean, really, how handsome is he? More than that, he is a holy spouse. Every day I am grateful to wake up with him and share morning coffee and pray and live and breath with this man. 

The dangerously endless supply of sweets in the faculty office. Honestly, I haven't even really indulged since work started, but it is nice to know I can. That might sound weird, and that is because it probably is. I did have a fun size Snickers today, and let me tell you, it was fun! It also made me think of Halloween...and how we will have a little baby to dress up and go trick or treating with. And then mom and dad will get to eat all the candy! 

This might also sound weird to you, but my fourth fave is the power of headphones to block out distraction. We have a shared faculty office, so I don't have a quiet classroom to prepare in. That means headphones are my saving grace during 6th period when I am trying to use my prep (aka read The Iliad) and drown out the other teachers who are using the 6th hour to celebrate another school day under their belt...aka...chatting their hearts out. 

Texting: I love when I get cute little texts throughout the day, especially from the guy in #2 or my family. 

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