Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Carlsbad is Calling My Name!

So we are heading out of town for a little weekend getaway. Danny loves to celebrate his birthday (which actually falls on Labor Day this year) in Carlsbad with his family. For him, there is nothing better than spending the weekend surfing. Originally, I had thought we wouldn't be able to make it...what with our impending arrival, but...I am only going to be 35 weeks and 7 days (aka 36 weeks) on I figure we can take one last trip before our little one comes. They don't suggest traveling once you are 36 weeks, but I figure one day can't hurt too much. Here's to not being legalistic-something I struggle with!

I did everything I needed to to make sure that we can have a baby in Carlsbad if that's what God intends, but I am praying to Jesus that doesn't happen. We are all set up for a nice, happy and healthy birth to happen locally, but just in case, I have a copy of my prenatal records and have researched which hospitals in the area take our insurance. I hope with all that, I will be able to breath easy. Let's be real: the likely hood that she will make her appearance this weekend is slim to none, but I can't help but be a little nervous about heading out of town.

Here's to enjoying a weekend on the coast with my husband!

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