Monday, September 9, 2013

Week-by-Week: {33-36}

Another four weeks down. This post is a little late, and we are already done with week 37 in reality. Life has just been busy...and tiring. I used to think I wanted to our girl to be late...WHO AM I? CRAZY! I have loved being pregnant, but I will not be sad when it is over and I am holding our sweet little baby girl. Anyway, onto the pics!

It is sad to me that I don't remember the feelings of week 33. I so badly wanted to savor and put it all down. But...I don't remember. At all.

We normally take these photos on Sunday before Mass, but this particular weekend we were at a resort with Danny's family and didn't get a chance to take a this was taken on Monday before I was out the door to work. You might be able to see a trend in all of my cravings...dairy, dairy, dairy. This baby must need her calcium!

This particular weekend was my baby shower. It was the sweetest shower, hosted by Oma (Danny's mom), Candyce, and Alison. The theme was rain showers and Alison had the sweetest details she made out of cardstock/scrapbook papers. Pictures to come soon, I hope. So it was a big and exciting weekend. It felt like after that weekend, she could come whenever...although she would still be considered early. One of my requests at the shower was cheese...even though it was a morning shower...and let me tell you, they delivered. One close friend, Stacy, bought an assortment of delicious cheeses and sent me home with the extras! The smoked gruyere was my fave.

This picture was taken in Carlsbad. And I think it is officially my last "cute" pregnant photo. Based on the week 37 photo...which you will eventually see...I am edging into the huge sphere of pregnancy. The sphere where people get nervous when they see you because your water could break at any moment. 

Only one more of these posts! CRAZY!

Also, Danny just installed the car seat base. Whata dad!

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