Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's in a Diaper Bag?

I have been looking for diaper bags recently, since I obviously am going to need one once the little one has arrived. I can't decide, however, how much money I should spend or what qualities I should look for in a bag. Should it be patterned on the outside, or no, since it will double as a purse. Will it double as a purse?

This diaper bag seems like a good blend of qualities to me.

It is cute, with the very trendy chevron pattern mixed with the more classic polka dot. It has a lot of pockets, which I would assume is a good quality to look for in a bag. The maker also sprays the bag with a stain protector, which makes me feel better about buying it. The bag has to be hand washed, however, which makes me a little more hesitant. It costs $65. For a girl who doesn't like to spend money on clothing items and who last bought a purse 3 years ago from Forever 21 (which means it was really cheap), $65 seems like a pretty penny to spend on a bag. I do know, though, that there are diaper bags that cost a lot more than that, even on Etsy, like this one which also caught my eye, and the one pictured above.

Any thoughts from mamas who have experience?


  1. My advice...don't buy a really expensive or really big one. Mine does double as a purse too. Pockets are great. I've learned the bigger it is the more you will fill it with stuff you don't need! Too many pockets leaves me always searching for my keys or phone ;-). If you are nursing full time, and you don't need to worry about bottles, formula, need room for a few diapers, wipes, wet bag, mirsimg cover, burp cloth, change of clothes and maybe a toy or pacifier. The bulkiest thing is cloth diapers. :)

  2. David bought me a petunia pickle bottom bag as a gift before Michael was born(check them out, they have the cutest patterns!) They are pricey, but I have used mine for almost 4 years. I am due for a new one soon, but it has held up. I love the pattern!! I often use it as my purse too, but when you go back to work that won't work. I would say you want a medium size if you have kids relatively close together because with each kid you add more stuff-diapers, change of underwear/clothes for potty training, snacks, drinks, etc. I kinda feel like I'm busting out of mine. :)

    1. Those are really good points, Steph! I didn't think about the fact that I would also need a purse once I go back to school. Also, it is good to know that the petunia pickle bottom bags are worth their pretty little pennies!