Friday, June 7, 2013

So Many Things, So Little Time

Even though I am a teacher and currently out of school for summer vacation, the weekends hold so much precious time. It is time I have with Danny since he is home from work and it is time to get all those little things done, like laundry and grocery shopping. This weekend, though, I feel like I have a million things I want to do.

I need to go grocery shopping! Thankfully I love Trader Joe's so this is usually pretty great. The thing is keeping on budget. Danny and I have been trying to use a cash budget to save money so we can get out of student loans. So far it has been really good. We have $400 dollars a month for groceries. This is plenty for the two of us, but it does take some planning. So that means I also need to meal plan for the week!

I also need to do some laundry. Two weeks away from home with a very limited wardrobe (hello, maternity clothes!) means I have almost nothing to wear. (This also merited a trip to Target to get a few new things. My mom gifted me a Target giftcard for my birthday, so that was a nice little purk!) Not to mention, Danny has a whole lotta clothes that could use some cleaning.

That's the end of the needs, but now onto the desires:

I would love to make it up to Restoration Hardware to get a paint sample. Danny and I swear by Restoration Hardware's paint choices. They are just bold enough while still being very subtle and "safe." Danny has a fear of color (perhaps because he grew up in the desert), so this is a big step!

Getting the office set up would be awesome. Along with cleaning out/de-cluttering the office closet, which is currently full of suitcases, craft supplies, and various camping items.

Some good family time would also be awesome. This might include a trip to a lake or a night of music at the park on Sunday, but something must happen.

I am sure Danny has a few items of his own that he might add to the list! It might seem like only a few things, but weekends go fast and sometimes things just don't happen. We shall see!

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