Friday, June 7, 2013

To Stencil or Not to Stencil?

The question of the day.
I really don't know what to do! I just got home from that trip to Santa Cruz, and it is time to tackle some of those home projects summer brings. Most of them have to do with the nursery, of course. My mom and dad bought us a crib (so generous) and I am eager to get it set up so this big box can get moved out of our living room. Before we can do that, I need to choose on a paint and whether or not to stencil one of the walls.

I am really torn on this issue. It is not so much a pros and cons as it is ease and budget. One of my downfalls is that I generally steer away from projects that might be too involved or inconvenient. For the stencil project,  I would have to depend on someone to do it since I can't really be in the room with paint odors. Of course I could ventilate the room, but you don't exactly want to open windows in AZ when it is a 110 outside. I would ask Danny, but he isn't a perfectionist when it comes to painting, and I would want the stencil to be done well, or as perfectly and patiently as possible. The stencil also costs $50. I know that isn't a ton of money, but I would really like to keep to a budget for this room. There are other things we can do on the wall to add dimension, like prints from Etsy (currently loving this and this, or some DIY artwork. Honestly, I think I am leaning more towards this as time goes by.

While I was out of town, my awesome husband got lots of projects done, one of which was painting the new office. Now we need to move all the furniture out of his man cave into the office, so that the man cave can be nursery-d! I hope that will get done this weekend, along with choosing a paint color for the baby's room!

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