Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week-by-Week: 21-24

Welp, one more month down! It is so crazy how quickly the time goes by, and maybe even a little bit scary. Our little bundle with be here before we know it, and we have so much to do! There was definitely a lot of change this month, visible and invisible. As you will see, I definitely grew a lot, which means our little girl is starting to pack it on. And she started to kick up a storm. I know I felt her move earlier, but it was this month that I really started to feel her kick. Danny still hasn't felt her move, but some of my family has since I was home for two weeks.
Week 21 held some of the first strong kicks. I remember getting home from school and waiting in the living room for a friend to drop something off for me. I was just lounging on the couch and I felt her really begin to kick. I even saw my stomach jut out. My placenta is anterior as opposed to posterior (sorry if that is TM), so it make a little harder for me to feel her kick. It's almost like she has to kick through a mattress of padding for me to feel her. I really cherish every little movement I feel and I can't wait for Danny to feel her move! I also remember feeling like I was getting bigger. I was, but now I know that is nothing. Each week brings more and more growth...

Maybe it was the chocolate mousse cake from the bridal shower, but something happened really fast at week 22. I swear I woke up this particular morning and was a different person. No other exciting news in this week, but as you can see I have a different background. This photo and the next were taken in Santa Cruz during my visit home. 

Again, a lot of growth this week. When I got home from Santa Cruz, Danny joked that he couldn't recognize me since I had really popped out. Also, to say that PB&J toast with honey was my craving is probably an understatement. I ate it ALL.THE.TIME. If I got hungry, this was what I wanted. It made for a delicious midnight 10 p.m. snack!

Here we are at the end of the month! I am still not sure if 24 weeks is 6 months or not because I have read conflicting statements, but I am calling this 6 months! Now that I look really pregnant, I have a lot more people commenting. Everyone thinks I am having a boy because I carry entirely out front. I also carry really high. At the airport flying home just a few days ago, the TSA people even engaged me in conversation about it. It was a nice change since those people always seem so cold. I assured them, there's definitely a little girl in there! I also hopped on the pre-boarding train for my flight home. It was so nice to get on first and choose my seat. When I got home, I went grocery shopping in Trader Joe's and one of the cashiers was so surprised to see that I was pregnant. I go in there more than once a week, so I am a familiar face, but so much change happened over two weeks that the baby is much more noticeable!

Until next month! :)

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