Friday, May 10, 2013


Weeks 13-16 had some good changes, but I was still mostly in that awkward "chubby" phase. It wasn't until after 16 weeks that I really looked pregnant and this little one started to make his or herself known to the world. I was so happy to finally be at 13 weeks because that meant we were out of the danger zone!
 At 13 weeks, to call cheese quesadillas a craving would probably be an understatement. They were all I wanted. I would usually make them in the evening, after dinner, for my little snack. I was just so hungry and they sounded so good. One night, I even was laying in bed, lights off and all, and wanted one so badly that I got out of bed, made a quesadilla, and brought it back into our bedroom to eat it in the company of my love. I laughed the whole time I ate it because I felt like it was such a pregnant moment. Never before had I even eaten food in bed, let alone a quesadilla at 10:30 pm!
 Our 14 weeks picture was taken in Carlsbad again. It was Easter Sunday, March 31st. I was so happy to be in Carlsbad with Danny's family, since usually we are in Arizona with only a few people. I also got to have my sister, Mary, with me! It was such a great weekend with family. It renewed my love for Easter and for our faith.
 While taking this picture, I felt pretty awkward, but Auntie Mimi wanted a photo with Baby Awesome, our little nickname for the babe. So here we have it! And the best part is, I love this photo. In captures all the love this baby has now and will have when he or she enters the world!
 During Week 15, I would literally get home from work, open up an avocado, make one serving of guacamole, and be in heaven. It was so good! It is so funny to me that my cravings really only last for a week. Then they are gone and I am onto new things!
I don't even like frozen yogurt, let alone vanilla frozen yogurt, but for whatever reason, all this baby wanted was vanilla frozen yogurt with some fresh strawberries on top. 

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