Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Today is my first Mother's Day. We had a long weekend celebrating the marriage of two close friends, so I am pretty tired. After sleeping in as late as possible, we went to 10:30 Mass and then out to breakfast at Wildflower, a restaurant by our house. It is a bread company, and so they give mothers a free loaf of bread as a gift. (I think I am going to use ours to make bread pudding!) Upon receiving the loaf, Danny told her that this was my first mother's day. She responded joyfully, "Mine too!" She looked really young and I noticed she wasn't married. She started asking me questions about how far along I am and when I started showing. She also said she hadn't heard the heartbeat yet and she seemed really excited to hear it. I couldn't help but feel for this girl. She was working on Mother's Day, her first one, she was pregnant and seemingly without a husband, but she remained so joyful! She was such a beautiful girl. I felt really compelled to go to a little store in the same shopping center and buy her a gift. After breakfast we went to the store and bought her a little gift. I went back into Wildflower and found her. It felt a little weird and I almost wanted to turn around and just change my mind, but I had already bought it and I felt like it was important. So I gave her the gift, said "Happy Mother's Day!" She was so excited. Her name, I found out, was Marisa and she was so grateful. More than anything, I was so grateful! I was so happy that I didn't chicken out, and that I didn't let that awkward feeling keep from showing charity.

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