Saturday, May 25, 2013

Showers of Love

I have to write this down now before I forget all the lovely details. Tonight my sister Joy hosted, with the help of my mom and niece, a beautiful baby shower. I love showers, bridal or baby. It is such a great time to join together as women and love on the woman of the hour. I love showering and being showered. Tonight, of course, I was showered. My sister was so thoughtful in the way she went about hosting this shower. Instead of playing a traditional shower game, she and Shiyah, my niece, came up with a craft to allow people to socialize while doing something baby-oriented. She bought a bunch of onesies and burp clothes, along with some stencils, paints, and other crafting materials, so that the women could decorate some of them. They all turned out so cute.

Congregating in the kitchen as guests slowly arrive. (That champagne was used to make a delicious drink...which I  passed on). 

My best friend, Clare. This is our first life-milestone that we haven't gone through at the exact same time. 
The women crafting around a delicious spread of cheeses and fruit. 

Towards the end of the crafting time, there was a time to share pieces of wisdom for a new mom, me. I wanted to make sure to write some of these down before they leave my very short-term memory. So, here are a some:

  • From Lisa: Enjoy every moment. Always focus on your spouse-the best way your children can learn to love and behave is by seeing you love your husband and by seeing your husband love you. Remember your children are not yours. 
  • From Laureen: Let your children be free. Do not put them in a box and try to make them be a certain way. Your one job is to help them bring out the gifts God has placed within them. 
  • From Joy: Let them wear whatever they want. 
  • From Mom: Through motherhood, you will grow even closer in your relationship with Our Lady, as you experience some of the sufferings she experienced with Christ. 
  • From Nicole: Enjoy the changes your relationship with your mother will undergo, as you learn to appreciate all the love and care she gave to you as a child. 
Of course it wouldn't be a shower without some desserts. My sister got some great cakes and tarts from two local bakeries she knew I loved. The chocolate cake came from Gayle's and was full of delicious chocolate mousse. The tarts came from The Farm. I had never had the pear tart, but let me tell you, I hope I have it again. SO. GOOD. (Perhaps this is pregnancy talking!)

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