Friday, May 17, 2013

Nursery Time!

So now that we know we are expecting a little lady, I feel like I can really start to mesh some ideas together for a color scheme. We have a room we are planning on using, which is currently Danny's man cave. It houses his desk and all of his instruments. (I married a man of many talents, two of which are playing the guitar and piano! He's a keeper!) He still gets to have a man space after the baby arrives, but we have decided to move it into another room. Here is what the room looks like now:
This is looking right into the room from the door.

This is the corner by the keyboard, which is parallel to the door.
As you can see, there is a lot to be done. First, we need to move all of Danny's stuff. Well, actually, first we need to clean and paint the room where Danny's stuff will go. Then we need to move his stuff. Then we need to paint this room, fix the closet, and fill it will the makings of a nursery. Yep, there's a lot to be done.

Since we plan on having more than one baby, and the likelihood that one of those future babies will be a boy is pretty high (one might even say 50/50), I wanted to choose a color scheme that could work for a boy's nursery as well. You might be thinking, gender neutral? Boring. That's what I think to, so we are definitely not going gender neutral. The color scheme I am thinking involves gray (for the walls) with navy and coral for pops of color in the accessories. The gray and the navy are obviously the gender safe colors with coral being the added addition for our little lady. 

I put together a little collage on Picasa to show you what I am thinking. It is not the fanciest thing you will have ever seen, since I literally just learned to do it on Picasa earlier tonight. (Well so much for that! The dang picture kept coming up black! I'll work on getting better at this. :))

Instead I'll just give you a host of separate photos; not as fun and definitely not as impressive, but it will work.

1. Like I said, I want to have gray walls, but I would really like to add something to the walls like a stencil. So far, I like this one best. I know I have previously stated that I try to resist trends. I am clearly failing since I now blog, take photos to track my pregnancy, and last but not least, have chosen a chevron/ikat for the stencil. But hey, what will be will be.

This stencil is created by an artist on Etsy
2. While we are going to have a stencil on the wall, I also want to try to blend in some other patterns. Sometimes I am not so good at this, and other times I rule, so we'll see how it turns out. I would like to do some coral colored curtains over the window, and so far these have given me by best inspiration. I like the bold stripe (also a trend, I know) and I think we could even manage to pull off some DIY curtains with a little bit of paint. 

I found this image here. I also love the floral print over the crib. 

3. So we see the gray and the coral, but what about the navy? I honestly haven't thought too much about this one yet, but I know I want it somewhere. We have this great wooden rocking chair that Danny's grandparents gave us, but it needs a new cushion. I would like to make one get one made in a navy fabric to have over the chair. Here's a pattern I found on Spoonflower that I like. Again, we'll see with the mishmash of patterns.
Seems simple but sweet enough for me. 
4. Now, for some more coral and femininity, I love these next two images. I especially love the flowery aspect of the lampshade and I love the idea of having fresh flowers in the nursery. I think I am crafty enough to make the lamp happen. As much as I would love the fresh flowers, in reality I will probably be too busy to keep fresh flowers alive, so maybe I will try to get my hands on a good pair of fake flowers. Honestly, I usually swear against them, but if I can find a pretty, satiny like flower, then maybe. I also love the silver pop of the vase they rest in.

5. Last but not least, I love this mobile. It is a definitely a play on the very popular pompom balls you see at weddings and showers, but not so big and hopefully more durable. I also think I could make this, but I am going to try to contact the designer at Etsy as well, and see if we can work something out. I'd love to support a creative artist, and I know mine won't be half as good. 

I am thinking mostly navy and coral fabrics in this little addition. 
So, that's what I've got going so far! Well, actually I don't have any of it going... :) One step at a time.

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