Thursday, May 9, 2013

Announcing the News

I realize that I am now almost five months pregnant with our little bundle, but I want to backtrack a few months and go through how we shared the wonderful news with our family and friends. The morning we found out, Danny was super sick with a 102 fever and was pretty delirious. He was adamant about not telling the family that day because he wanted to be more energetic and show the joy he really felt deep down inside. That really just wasn't possible that day, so we waited until the following day. Of course, this was so hard for me! Number 1, I am a Flynn by nature so keeping a secret isn't the easiest thing for me to do, and number 2, I am a mama and I wanted the whole world to know. Surprisingly, I did really well keeping it a secret. I even talked to John and Kelly later that morning and the topic of babies came up; I didn't even flinch. I didn't let out any clue that we had a little gift preparing inside of me. As far as being so excited to tell the whole world, I occupied myself by coming up with a way to tell the world. We decided that we would tell the family in three rounds: first, we would gather the family on Sunday for breakfast at Wildflower and tell all our local family together. Danny got to share the news, which was fitting since our local family is his immediate family. Everyone was so excited, and it was just a great time. (Turns out a colleague of mine was there, so she found out, too!) After telling Danny's family, we sent a mass text message to my family and then to Danny's. It was super cute and came in three rounds.

We waited a few seconds in between sending the second and third piece, so people had some time to put it together on their own. Auntie Mimi (my sister, Mary) sent this in return: 

It's a good thing we weren't lying, otherwise we would have been BAD! (She thought is was a joke because my wonderful husband once joked about us being pregnant...on THANSKGIVING! So, she had every reason to doubt the truth behind the claim.)

We were only four weeks pregnant at this point, so I wanted to wait to actually tell the whole world, but it was really hard for me. My family always asked when it would be on Facebook, but I really wanted to wait just in case. In hindsight and for the next baby, I think I will tell earlier. Why not have as much of the world praying for and rejoicing in this new little life? Anyway, when it did come time to telling the Facebook world our news, we posted the video of our ultrasound with the title of "Music to a Mama's Ears":
I'm not sure if that will play or not, but I did my best! :)

We were flooded with lots of joyful responses and love! It was so nice to finally let everyone know and to openly share my joy with the world! 

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  1. Katie, I love this one! I'm tearing up about it, seriously. I just love baby announcements! So exciting.