Friday, April 5, 2013

Doctor's Appointments and Thai Food

So just a few days ago, Danny and I went for a check up to see how our sweet little babe is doing. I was expecting so have a doctor's appointment much like the first one: invasive, long, lots of information. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that most of the appointments, including that day's, would be short and sweet, the best part being hearing the sweet little beat of our baby's heart. Since I still haven't felt the baby move, it is really nice to get to hear the heart beat. It puts my heart at ease. Oh! Also, we scheduled our 20 week ultrasound! That means in 1 month, we get to see if we are having a baby boy or girl! I can't believe I will already be 20 weeks! So crazy. Time flies.
After the appointment, we splurged and went out to dinner. Thai food has been one of my more consistent cravings, but it is usually late at night when we are laying in bed. Weird, I know. When Danny suggested Thai Basil for dinner, I literally jumped up and down. We had a great time at dinner, just enjoying each others company and daydreaming about life with a baby.

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