Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bunny Ears

I weaned Annabelle this month, and it was hard. Easier than expected, probably because Annabelle is a pretty independent little thing-already walking and talking-but still hard. I think the hardest time was when she fell and for the first time, I couldn't just soothe her by nursing. I mean...I could..but I couldn't for the sake of weaning. And I really wanted to wean. For a couple different reasons, numero uno being that I would like to have some time between nursing and being pregnant with bambino #2 and numero dos being that nursing was never the easiest for me. I made it a year and for me and Annabelle, that was great!

Anyway, with weaning came some bottle feeding. Some hilarious things: Annabelle legitimately will not hold a bottle. She will put her hands on while you are holding it, but as soon as you take your hands off, she takes her hands off. Frustrating as all get out, but really funny! Sign of breastfed child, me thinks. Okay, so maybe no some hilarious things...that was my only one. And maybe it's just the mom of the sweet girl who finds it funny. No offense taken if you don't. None. at.all.

Onto bunny ears...over the past few months, Annabelle has been sleeping with one of those little blankets that has an animal on the corner. Her's is pink and has a little bunny. She has become attached to it and loves it. I just really wanted to remember this little bunny and her attachment to it. When she takes her bottle, she must have her little bunny and she has to be playing with it. And not just any piece of the blanket, but the ears. It is so sweet; as I hold her she just drink her bottle and relaxes as she rubs her little sweet fingers over the ears. Gosh. I love her.

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