Monday, November 4, 2013

One Month!

We made it! A whole month! Wahoo!

Life is starting to look a little more predictable around here, but I am sure that as soon as I publish this, Annabelle will do something wild and crazy.

Annabelle's life still consists of the trifecta: eating, pooping, and sleeping. In other news, she has started to love looking at patterns and I can lay her on our play mat for a solid 5-10 minutes without her getting upset. She has finally started to find some sort of rhythm in her nighttime sleep: she sleeps in spurts of three hours, usually waking at 1 and 4...but then it gets messy. After 4 she usually wakes up once an hour. I am thinking Mommy needs to do a diaper change at 4 and maybe that will be a game changer. She hasn't really started to make any cooing noises, though I feel like they are on their way! She also loves to sleep in the ktan when we go for walks and takes her best naps when on or beside me. I also started cloth diapering our sweet girl this week. We are doing prefolds for now, since she is too tiny for the BumGenius diapers. So far I am really liking it and the laundry is not too bad!

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