Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up {1}

When you finally arrive at the beloved Friday, do you have ever have that feeling of "where has this week gone?!" or "what even happened this week?" I haven't even been working this summer and I still have those feelings, maybe even more than when I am working. So, to help solve this little conundrum, and to remind myself that this week actually was fun, productive, good, hard, whatever-the-adjective-might-be, I am hopping on board the Weekly Wrap-Up. Inspired by Gabby from Essentially Eclectic, I recap the week one day at time. Feel free to link-up with me or with Gabby (who may or may not be posting Weekly Wrap-Ups each week).

Without further ado!

It's kind of sad how hard it is for me to remember what I did Monday. I think that is mostly because I became really overwhelmed with the prospect of going back to work only to then have a baby, take maternity leave, and then go back to work again, but this time as a mama. So I spent most of the day trying to process all of those feelings. What was awesome about Monday though, now that I remember, was this delicious veggie sandwich.

Seriously. You can find the recipe over here. If you decide to make these (which should definitely be the decision you make), you won't regret it AT.ALL. They are so filling and tasty. Danny devoured it like it was a burger!

I found out this week that I am not gestationally diabetic! Yippee! Last week I had to take the three hour glucose tolerance test and waited all week to get a phone call with results. Usually no new is good news, so after a week without a phone call, I assumed I was in the clear, but it was still nice to go to hear straight out of my nurse midwife's mouth that I passed the test with flying colors. 

Who knew a cloth diapering party could be so much fun! Earlier this week a bunch of young moms got together to discuss the different methods of cloth diapering. It was hosted by my friend Maraeca and the cloth diaper guru, Jenna, over at A Mama Collective. There were three of us who are expecting (all within the same month) and are just venturing into the cloth diapering world; the rest of the moms, about 10 or so, already cloth diaper and were able to share a lot of their live and learn moments and successful techniques. It was so nice to know that there is a little community (support group?) for cloth diapering. It gives me a lot of confidence in our decision, especially since three of the moms work full time (just like I will) and one is the mom of 6! If a mom of 6 can cloth diaper, a mom of 1 (that's me!) can, too!

We did our hospital tour this week! I am really pleased with the hospital we get to deliver at. I am so happy our insurance covers it! It is the closest thing to a birthing center that we have and the hospital as a whole is very pro-natural birth/low intervention. They have almost no restrictions about what you can or can't do during labor. Literally, the only one is that you can't have an open flame which seems pretty reasonable! It makes it pretty real, going on a hospital tour and all. Then we went to our Bradley Birthing class, the natural method we have chosen to help us through labor. We meet with about 6 other couples once a week for two hours. The class is taught by a Bradley certified instructor. It is so nice to join together with other couples around the same stage of pregnancy. We have been given lots of good tools. This week the focus was on the practical side of labor: what should you bring to the hospital, what will you do if your wife needs your full attention but you really need to use the restroom? (The answer to that one is hold it!) We really love the class and would definitely recommend it to anyone! You can find them all over the country. 

Friday, Friday, everybody get down on Friday! Today has barely begun but it is already great. I got to sleep in! I haven't been sleeping that well due to a lovely burning in my heart, but last night I slept pretty well, and since Danny had a really early morning meeting where he would be served breakfast and coffee, I didn't wake up to make breakfast for us. Also, Friday is the last day of the week where I force myself to work out. Then I get a whole two days off before Monday. That's rockin', too! I know working out is important and I never regret doing it, but 31 weeks into pregnancy makes it a little bit more difficult! 

Cheers to you all! I hope you have a blessed weekend! And don't forget to link-up your own weekly wrap up here!

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