Monday, July 8, 2013

Week-by-Week {25-28}

Well, another month has gone by! Crazy how time flies. In less than four weeks I will be back to teaching! And then that means that our sweet girl is almost ready to make her arrival! Here's the recap of the month.

Week 25 and 26 don't seem to show much change in my belly, but let me tell you, there was definitely a change in our little one! During week 25, we were in Big Bear on our family vacation. Of course the family wanted to try to feel her move, but at that point, she was still a pretty shy girl. Danny had only felt her a few times, and all of her movements were a secret to most but me. Danny's mom and sisters did get one slight little kick, but you had to be very patient. 

During Week 26, this girl got moving!!! She was gaining some serious strength and really anyone who wanted to could feel her move. It was during this week that I felt okay having people try to feel her move because I knew that it would most likely happen. I remember being at the baptism reception for a friend's little one, and two of my girlfriends, Theresa and Natalie, got a good thump from our sweet girl.

Week 27 continued to bring some strong movements. We could finally discern where she was in my belly and I really began to feel her move around...not just kicks, but swirls, and jumps, and turns. She is a mover and a shaker!
You can really tell from the Week 27 pictures that I carry all out in front. I think I am just going to continue to pop out-out-out, but we'll see.

There was definitely some growth in week 28, and I felt it! My little belly got a little sore from all that stretching...still no stretch marks though! Wahoo! We'll see if that lasts! I am still loving being pregnant, but I must admit that the 119 degree weather makes it tough. I am looking forward to a nice weekend in Carlsbad with Danny's family. It will be good to sit on the coast, wear a sweatshirt (do I have one that fits?) and enjoy some outdoor exercise. I think the 75 degree weather will do this pregnant lady some serious good!

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