Friday, July 5, 2013

Pretty Pantry {Step 1}

Our house has a huge pantry! While most families would love that, and I am sure we will come to love it as we grow, it has mostly been an excuse to be unorganized. We have plenty of space to put things wherever we want to, so what's the point? Well, people, the point is peace of mind. The urge might be is definitely due to my nesting craze. When I went to IKEA the other day, I went to solve this problem of organization.  Plus, this makeover from The House of Smiths really inspires me. I would love to stencil the walls of the pantry and paint the shelves, maybe get a better light, but for now a little organization (with the help of IKEA) will do!

Before IKEA our pantry looked something like this:
Terrible or Terrible?
This is just one side of the pantry. This side is the cooking side, housing anything that could be used in in the kitchen. The other side of the pantry is where we store our household items like paper towels, ziploc bags, toilet paper, etc. The shelf above is suppose to be our "baking shelf." To contain all the powdery things, I just put the bags into ziploc bags. Not only does it look terrible, it is also wasteful. Why use the ziploc bags? So I decided to make a trip to IKEA and purchase some containters. At about $4 a piece, I transformed the shelf from what you so above to what you see below. So for around $16, we have the start of an organized pantry. And let me tell you, I love it.
Peace of mind in the form of jars! 
My next step is to paint some chalkboard paint on them for labels. Right now, I just wrote what each thing is on the lid using a dry erase marker. Does the job, but I think the chalkboard paint will add some charm! I would also love to paint the whole pantry and maybe add a new light. Stay tuned for more pantry makeovers!

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