Thursday, July 18, 2013

One Year of Wedded Bliss {Party Time}

To say our reception was fun is a huge understatement! It was a blast! Even that doesn't begin to describe it. From the cocktail hour (which we caught the tail end of) all the way to the send-off, it was a serious party. The venue was amazing, the food was delicious, and the DJ was awesome. Most importantly, we were surrounded by and celebrating with those who we loved and who loved us! I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

This frame hangs in our house now! I made it into a chalkboard sign. 
Some nice refreshing Pellegrino that doubled as a seating chart! 

Everyone raved about our appetizers, but unfortunately we didn't get to try most of them. This stuffed brie cheese was a hit though! 

We made our guest book out of our engagement photos using Shutterfly. And that wine-box in the background is full of delicious homemade truffles made by my college roommate, Maureen. She flew them (and herself!) all the way from Chicago!  

We spent many nights making those lace-covered tin cans. A nice cheap way to get some center pieces!

Our first dance to Matt Maher's "My Only Love" kicked off the dinner part of the reception.

                                  Our families just enjoying getting to know one another :)

The toasts were all amazing! We had two maids of honor, one best man, each of our dads gave a toast, and then Danny toasted his bride (that's me!) and the great families we came from!

And then it was onto cutting the cake! My good friend Morgan, whose blog you can peruse here, made our wedding cake. Unfortunately, I literally got one bite of the cake (the one Danny dropped into my mouth), but it was the best bite of cake I have ever eaten. The cake was definitely a hit!

I made all the sweet little details, bought the lace, and gave them all to Morgan to work her magic! 

The wonder-woman herself!  
We decided to skip the whole throwing cake in each other's faces thing.
We moved straight from the cake cutting into the father-daughter, mother-son dances. My dance with my dad was one of the most special moments of the night. We danced to Ella Fitzgerald's "Everytime We Say Goodbye." It was the for my dad and me. He had me searching for some songs (since he isn't the most musical man) and I would have to pass them by him to determine whether the song was the song. And this one was! To say I was a little emotional probably doesn't do it justice, but we'll leave it at that. Danny and his mom danced to Beach Boys, "Nobody Knows" (that might not actually be the title). It totally suited them and their sweet relationship. I am lucky to be married to a man that loves and honors his mother!

See...a little emotional. 

And was time to bust some serious moves. (Get ready for about 30 photos...sorry!)

Norah crowd surfing with the help of Uncle Matt. 

Based on Lisa's hand gesture and Maeve's summer obsession with this song, my guess is we are singing "Call me Maybe" 

Clearly, I was very into this. 
Two of my faves: Joe, my brother, and Valjean, a second mom. 
Please notice my brother Mike in the background! 

First time I threw the hit one of the wires from the lantern...and this was my reaction. Suuuper flattering and hilarious! 

And our sweet farewell...

The next morning, Danny and I decided to swing by the reception site before heading to my parents' house for a brunch. It was so weird to see it all cleaned up like nothing had ever happened. I am so glad we have all these photos to help us savor the sweet memories! 

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