Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maternity Clothes on a Budget

I have never been much of a shopper. This isn't really because I don't like clothes; it's more due to the fact that I don't like spending money on clothes. I get this semi-guilty feeling, since I know I can do without. This has led to me owning certain pieces of clothing for years, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, getting pregnant was going to necessitate purchasing some new clothes. And I was excited! This time I actually needed clothes, so I thought it would be super fun.

Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. I guess like all clothes, some things in maternity sections don't look totally awesome on everyone. So that was a bummer. But more importantly, I was surprised at how much the clothes cost. Even at places like Target, I felt like they overpriced the maternity clothes because they knew there was a small market and people would have to buy clothes. Right before Danny and I found out about our sweet baby, we had set a budget, and I allotted myself $50 for shopping. I know that isn't a ton for a lot of people, but remember, I don't really love shopping and I don't like spending money. The $50 was a good medium for me. For lots of other women, it would need to be a bigger budget. Anyway, that was before I would need clothes, but I still wanted to try to maintain that budget. The less money I spent on clothes, the more money we could spend on things that are more important to us. In all honesty though, $50 a month when growing at a rapid pace would be hard.

Believe it or not, I have managed to do it for the most part. I was also given a few generous gifts from my mom and mother-in-law, but all in all, I did it pretty much at $50/month.

How? There were a few tricks which I will readily share with you.

1. Buy a belly band.

  • I already wrote about how the belly band helped me to expand my wardrobe here

2. Be willing to work with your current clothes.

  • Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean you are going to need maternity clothes pronto. I used the first early months of my pregnancy to stock up on a few items each month, but I didn't necessarily wear them right away. Instead I wore all the clothes I could wear from my current wardrobe, phasing them out as they no longer worked. 

3. Buy staple pieces of clothing.

  • I purchased a few great items that I have worn day in and day out, one of which is a black tank top from Target that was $12. I can wear it with lots of different things and it is probably one of my most flattering shirts. I also bought a few maxi skirts that will be great for the summer time, but I can also make them work for teaching when I start the new school year. One of them even doubles as a swim coverup! Boom baby!

4. Wash your clothes on delicate and hang dry them.

  • Because I only purchased a handful of pieces, they get worn often, but I don't want them to look that way. Washing on delicate and hanging them dry has certainly helped keep my clothes looking really fresh. 

5. Last but definitely not least: accessorize.

  • I have never been much of a jewelry-wearer, but that has definitely changed since I got pregnant. I can make an outfit look really fresh and different with some different earrings or bracelets. 

I have two older sisters, Joy and Mary, and both would attest that I not the most fashionable of us three. I think pregnancy has changed me to some degree. I know how to dress more creatively and love when I come up with a great outfit. Mary even told me she thinks I dress way better now that I am pregnant! (Here's crossing fingers that it continues post-baby!)


  1. Old Navy and Gap have pretty good maternity sales too! Free shipping on returns, which is good because you have no idea if it will fit! I was really frustrated with maternity clothes too! The seasons changed on me...Winter to Spring which was also annoying. Some advice...be weary of nipple cream and make sure it does not get on your shirts! It will ruin them and it tough to get out! So some staples I thought would last several pregnancies, not so much!

    1. Good to know!!! I haven't purchased anything from Gap or Old Navy surprisingly. I might need to go check one out. Are there any local stores with maternity sections?

  2. Gap at Chandler Mall has a pretty good selection...might have a 4th of July sale! Old Navy at Stapley/Baseline and the one at San Tan has maternity. I bet they have maternity dresses on sale online. My sister bought me some cute dresses at her neighbor's garage sale...also a great place to look!