Friday, June 14, 2013

Top 10 Pregnancy Items: 1-5

Let me begin by saying that I love being pregnant. It has been a joy to partake in the role of creation and to carry life within my very own womb. I love the excitement of awaiting such a wonderful gift and the new dimensions that a child brings to marriage and family life. And yet while I love being pregnant, there are definitely some challenges. These five items have helped me to enjoy pregnancy even more and to tackle some of the not so glamorous pieces of pregnancy.

Currently, the greatest challenge for me is sleeping,  partially due to the heat and partially due to this protruding belly of mine. I love to sleep on my right side, but unfortunately you are suppose to favor your left side. Wah-wah. Enter favorite item number 1...

1. The Boppy Total Body Pillow
As a forewarning, this pillow is a little pricey (though no more expensive than any other maternity body pillow). It is also a little bit intense. It comes in three pieces that you velcro together. The plus side to that is you can arrange the pillow however you like. You can either have a belly support or a back support. While I still have to switch from side-to-side throughout the night, this pillow has made sleeping a reality. Praise the Good Lord! And even though it is large, it isn't cumbersome or hard to move if I want to lay in a different position.

2. The Beband Belly Band from Target
This band got me through the first 6 months of pregnancy. I was able to pull of some of my cutest pants, including a pair of Gap coral capris that I loved, all the way until week 24. Now I am definitely past that phase  (for the most part). I was gifted a few pairs of nice hand-me-down jeans that are too big for me and will probably be able to use the belly band comfortably with those. It was really nice to have the band because it cut down the cost of maternity clothes. As much as I love buying new clothes, I hate spending money, so this $16 was a good investment!

3 and 4. The Perfect Pregnancy Workout and Long and Lean
These workout DVDs have gotten me through! They keep me feeling healthy and fit despite the ever-growing belly. I love being active but it is too hot to run/walk outside in AZ unless you wake up at the crack of dawn. Considering the fact that my sleep hasn't been too good, I opt away from that. Don't let the first DVD intimidate you. While the instructor is obviously super fit, she has three different levels for the different exercises. It is about 40 minutes long and has some standing exercises and some floor work. The second DVD, Long and Lean, is definitely one of my faves. I got it at the very beginning of my pregnancy and enjoy the workout. It also has two segments, beginning with a standing segment and moving to a floor segment. It also ends with a great stretching segment and has a postnatal work out. Perhaps the only knock on this DVD is that the instructor is only in her first or early second trimester, so as you progress in your pregnancy, the modifications are the clearest. She often says, "Listen to your body" which implies that all the exercises are safe for each trimester, but that you need to be in-tune with your own needs/concerns.

5. Trader Joe's Raw Almonds
It might seem lame to put almonds on my top 5 list, but these are seriously my go to snack. If I get a little hunger surge, but I don't want or need a meal quite yet, I just pop a few of these in. They have lots of healthy fats and the amount of protein per serving is equal to the amount of carbs which I hear is good. It's nice that I can just throw a handful in Ziploc bag and be out the door with a snack just in case for when I get hungry.

There you have it!

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  1. I love your suggestions for the pregnancy workouts! These both look great. I haven't liked a lot of the videos that I have tried but I will definitely give these a shot! Thank you, Katie.