Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Does it really start THIS young?

Annabelle LOVES shoes.

She finds them everywhere...big ones, small ones (some as big as your head...anyone?) and brings them to me and says, "uh, uh!" while lifting her little foot.

She hops into my lap and sticks her little toes out for me to get the shoe on her. She walks around the house with them on...sometimes just one...and feels so happy.

The other night, after Annabelle was in her footy pjs, she found a pair of light pink little mary jane's that are far too big for her, brought them over to me, climbed in my lap, and stuck out her two little feet...mind you...covered her in her pjs. But she insisted. She wanted the shoes that's exactly what we did.

Let the obsession begin! She'll fit right in with her little cousins who prance around their house in their little Disney heels. :)

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