Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hospital Bag

I did it, friends. I finally did it. I packed our bag. Danny still needs to put some of his things in there, but other than those items, it is packed.

This might seem like I am making this a bigger deal then it needs to be, but I am not. Our suitcase has been sitting in the same spot in our bedroom since we got home from our trip to Carlsbad a month ago. I thought, "Why put this little guy away when we are going to need it so soon. I'll pack our bag this week." Then that week went by, and the next, and the next, and the next. And now we are here. One day out from our "due date" and I finally mustered up the courage to pack the bag.

It really did take courage. I don't enjoy hospitals and if I felt comfortable enough with it, I would totally labor at home, but that just seems to risky to me...right now. I also was in some weird sort of denial, I think. Like if I don't pack this bag, I won't have to go through labor. I'll just get to bring a baby home. Now, that's just straight crazy. Anyway, the deed is done.

It felt so surreal putting all those little items in there. I made sure to pack some items everyone has told me are essential: granny panties, pads, food, of course a sweet little going home outfit for our girl; but I also made sure to pack things I think I will want, specific to me like a rosary, and chapstick, and some extra hair ties/bobby pins.

Putting that little outfit in the bag was probably the most surreal. We are going to put our little one in that outfit and bring her home for the first time. And then we are going to love on her forever.

Soon and very soon!

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