Friday, June 21, 2013

Making the Switch

So after the occurrence recounted in here, Danny and I felt really called to think about switching to another provider. I wanted to make sure I wasn't just being overly sensitive, so we took some time to think and pray about it. It wasn't just that I was told that I had gained too much weight, although that was part of it. In that regard, I didn't like that the feeling that I was being put into a cookie cutter system. Yes, the average woman gains 25-35 lbs, but it is possible that I am not average. Human beings aren't average, after all. So that was one thing.

It was also the comments that came from the OB about gaining the weight. Things like, "Well, you see if you gain too much weight too soon, it could mean the baby will be too big..." "Too big for what?" was my first thought. Too big to be born naturally? No sirree. My mama gave birth to big babies so I know it is possible. I just didn't appreciate the manner with which it was handled and I became uncomfortable with the idea of this person being by my bedside as I am delivering this child. After having read Ina May's Guide to Childbirthing, I feel very strongly about how feelings or people in the room can affect your labor, and it was important to me to find someone I was very comfortable with and trusted. I wasn't necessarily set on switching, but I wanted to look around.

Since I would like to labor naturally but I also want to have the presence of emergency medicine, I decided to look at certified nurse midwives. With the support of Danny and the recommendation of my brother-in-law, a naturopathic doctor, whose wife used a certified nurse midwife, I scheduled an appointment with Ramona Joseph from MomDoc Midwives. Danny couldn't make the appointment, so my best friend Clare came with me. As soon as Ramona came into the room, I felt so much ease. She asked why I was switching and I told her about my concerns about interventions with an OB and with the response about my weight gain. She said she was not concerned about my weight gain, especially since I am a thinner person to begin with and I eat every well. (Loved hearing that!). She also was so open about her philosophy. I asked her so many questions since it was really more of a "meet and greet" than an appointment. I had just finished reading The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth, so I had a better knowledge of what to ask. For instance, I asked what her policy on eating and drinking during labor is and how she deals with fetal monitoring, since I would like to avoid constant EFM. She wants to make the labor at the hospital feel as most like home as possible, which I love.

I am just so excited about the transition. I fully support anyone who wants to use an OB, but if you want a natural childbirth experience, I would really encourage you to look into using  CNM. I think it will be the best of both worlds!

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  1. Good for you Katie! I thought about switching after similar comments and thought it was too late in my pregnancy (24 weeks). Looking back I really wish I had trusted my instinct. Every woman and every pregnancy is different! Looking forward to hearing more about your experience! I will definitely be switching for my next pregnancy!